Dealing With Bats

A look inside to how we handle bats. If you are having bat problems and want to know how to get rid of bats, contact us at JAPCO and we can help!

Bats constitute nearly one-quarter of all the known mammalian species in the world. Most bat species found in Alberta homes are the big and little brown bats. All bat species in Alberta are insectivorous and feed almost exclusively on flying insects and they can eat up to 600 mosquitos per hour. In fact, they are the only major predator of night-flying insects. Like Alberta the most common bat found in Saskatoon is the big brown bat. You will find this species of bat roosting in homes and older buildings. Bats are a beneficial species and all efforts should be taken to protect them.

We can assist with removing bats following our bat exclusion protocol. Contact us today if you need help removing bats from your property.