Essential Pest Control Services During Lockdown

Essential Pest Control Services during Lockdown

Our Industry helps to prevent the spread of insects, rodents and disease associated with them.

We are protectors of essential workers in hospitals, supermarkets and protectors of the food chain to ensure food does not become contaminated by pests. Without pest control at our needed hospitals while we battle this pandemic, sanitation would be compromised and pest activity would increase.

When the world is self isolating and businesses are closing pest activity doesn’t stop.

What to do when your buildings are empty during lockdown?

  • While businesses are closed this is the time to ensure that you have a plan in place to protect your buildings from rodent and insect populations that can increase.
  • Make sure that your exterior envelope is secure to prevent rodent ingress. Make sure that if your door seal is not secure that it is secured. Follow this link to find out more information on Xcluder door seals.
  • Any business during close down that has a current pest problem should continue to receive pest control services. You may want to increase the service to your exterior bait stations.
  • Multi-family dwellings – Any pest problems need to be controlled now more than ever as we ask citizens to stay in their homes and to self isolate. This will prevent tenants from living in pest ridden dwellings.

How does JAPCO respond during Coronavirus?

All of our employees are following the latest recommendations and good practices as per Health Canada and the Centre for Disease Control.

We ensure that all field staff have all PPE required to perform their work safely. All Technicians have recently had fit testing completed to ensure a proper respirator seal and have ample supply of hand sanitizer that is being used throughout their day.

Any Technician that has any symptoms of illness is instructed to stay home and seek medical attention.

JAPCO has contacted each employee to ensure that our COVID 19 safety protocols are understood and practiced.

If you have any questions please contact Tina Patton directly at 
1 877 755 2726

Stay safe, Self isolate. We are so grateful to our frontline medical professionals who are battling this pandemic.