The yellowjacket queen mate in the fall and spend winter in a protected spot, once she emerges a nest is constructed for the first generations of wasps. Once they reach adulthood they begin take on responsibilities as a worker, such as fixing the nest and collecting food. Some yellowjackets have even been reported stealing human food, so watch out during those summer barbeques! Watch out and keep your eyes peeled, if you get too close or disturb a yellowjacket nest, they will let you know.

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Stinging insects send more than half a million people to emergency rooms each year, a majority of these incidents are caused by the wasps and hornets. Wasps and hornets live in nests that can reach the size of a basketball! If these pests feel threatened, they will respond aggressively to defend by repeated stinging! Be careful when dealing with this pests, it is best to contact professionals if you notice a nest forming.

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If you have Honey Bees on your property please contact your local Bee Keeper Association for Safe Removal of Honey Bees.