With more than 3 decades of experience, JAPCO is a trusted source for complete mouse infestation solutions.

Mice removal from your home or business has never been easier. The JAPCO team combines decades of experience with the latest advances in rodenticide to deliver superior rodent control solutions you can trust.


Mice removal is an important step to take to protect your health and that of your family and employees. Besides delivering quite a shock when you see one, mice can spread germs and diseases throughout your property. They’re common vectors of salmonella, Hantavirus, and other dangerous bacteria. Deer mice especially are a primary reservoir for the virus Hantavirus.

The onset of cold weather each fall causes mice to move into structures in search of shelter and food. Mice populations can grow quite rapidly if left untreated. From gnawing to nest-building, house mice can cause serious structural damage to your building. They frequently make their homes in large electrical appliances, chewing on wiring and insulation which can result in short circuits. This can create fire hazards and malfunctions leading to expensive repairs. Furthermore, mice can damage items like family heirlooms, paintings, books, documents, and other irreplaceable items that you have stored in attics, basements, or garages.


We deal with the Northern Pocket Gopher and the Richardson Ground Squirrel. They build underground tunnel systems and will push dirt out of their tunnels onto the grass above. They can ruin lawns and destroy gardens.

Voles are known as the meadow mouse and are rodents that look much like mice, only with shorter tails. They feed on grass, and they will eat seeds and bulbs. They do extensive damage to lawns from their runways.

The JAPCO team will inspect your property, identifying and repairing common entrance points and helping prevent future infestations. JAPCO maintains safety at all times, and our baiting program ensures this through using only tamper-resistant bait stations so no harm will come to small children or any non-target animals. Get rid of mice, voles, and gophers with a simple call to JAPCO! We serve areas throughout Calgary, Edmonton,  and Saskatoon.

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