Building Damage Caused by Northern Flicker Woodpecker in Calgary

The northern flicker woodpecker has been creating havoc with buildings in Calgary and across Alberta.

These woodpeckers prefer buildings with stucco over styrofoam. These birds use the sound they create by drumming at buildings for many purposes.

They will set up a nest inside these holes they have made to have their young.

Meanwhile they cost thousands of dollars of damage to buildings with the holes they leave behind.

This species of woodpecker is a protective species under the Migratory Bird Convention Act.

They will migrate south for the winter and return again in the spring.

JAPCO Pest Control has a solution to the damage caused by woodpeckers

Fall and Winter are the best time to repair the damage while the nest is empty.


northern flicker woopeckers calgary
Northern Flicker Woopeckers cause a lot of damage to Calgary buildings


Woodpecker damage, repair and protection

JAPCO has performed many stucco repairs on styrofoam for Property Management Companies, Building Operators and Commercial Buildings in Calgary and area.

JAPCO has the experience and ability to fix the damage caused by woodpeckers!


northern flicker woopeckers damage - before photo
Before picture of the damage left with the hole northern flicker woopeckers made.
northern flicker woopeckers damage - after photo
After picture after JAPCO staff repaired the damage

A Solution for Stucco and Building Exterior Damage caused by Northern Flicker Woodpeckers

JAPCO Pest Control provides a protective material solution which is applied to your buildings.

Once applied, woodpeckers will be unable to peck through this material.

Call Us today to be put in our on-call repair list to do the repair when the northern flicker woodpecker has left to migrate for the winter.

No Further Damage

When they return in spring they will not be able to peck through this material to cause further damage.

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