Count on JAPCO for complete bird removal in Calgary, Edmonton,  and Saskatoon. For years, home and business owners have counted on our bird control services for bird-free properties.


Bird infestations cause more trouble than just incessant noise pollution. They can also pose a serious health risk to you, your family, or your employees. Bird droppings can be unsightly and create disease-causing spores. These spores can lead to histoplasmosis, a disease that can include flu-like symptoms, blood abnormalities, pneumonia and eye irritation.

Birds can deface buildings and damage cars with their acidic droppings. They cause millions of dollars of damage to urban areas.

JAPCO specializes in bird control for residential, commercial, and industrial businesses in Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon. Pigeon control is best accomplished by permanently excluding them from their roosting or nesting area. Traditional methods such as bird spikes and bird netting are the permanent solution to keep pigeons off the outside perimeter of structures. Bird spikes don’t hurt the birds, but make it impossible for them to land. Bird netting is used to exclude birds in areas such as balconies or parking garages. Zippers can also be installed where access to equipment is necessary. Pigeons can make an incredible mess on the outside of a building if they can perch on the exterior ledges. In addition to bird control and prevention, we also specialize in complete clean-ups of the affected area.

Getting rid of birds with our bird removal services has never been easier. Whether it’s removing pigeons, sparrows, or some other type of bird from your property, calling JAPCO is the first step toward relief.