Getting rid of ants has never been easier. With JAPCO’s experienced team using some of the finest ant control products available, you can rid your home or business of unwelcome ants quickly and affordably.


Ants are highly social insects. Even if you just spot one ant in your kitchen or bathroom, rest assured that there are hundreds more living in places you can’t easily see. Ants aren’t just unsightly; they can contaminate food and spread bacteria throughout your home or business. Calling the pest control professionals from JAPCO as soon as you see an ant at your property is a wise decision.

If you need help getting rid of house ants, the JAPCO team is standing by, ready to put their decades of experience to your service. We know that carpenter ants can live underneath the slab and drainage of your property instead of going below 3 feet in the frost. When it gets around 10 degrees Celsius outside, the ants think spring has arrived and will start activating and looking for sugars to reactivate their nests. People sometimes believe they have termites when in fact, their property is infested with flying ants. We know that carpenter ants can cause structural damage to a home, some home owners may think they are infested with termite’s when in fact their property is infested with carpenter ants.

If you need help to get rid of ants from your home or business in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan or anywhere else in Alberta, call JAPCO today.

**Important to Note: Alberta does not in fact have termites. Many people mistake winged-ants for termites, this happens during the reproduction stages during the breeding season when large female ants grow wings. Carpenter ants might also be mistaken for termites because these ants often leave behind sawdust or shavings around joists or beams.