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Licensed Pest Control Technicians

A family business serving the pest control needs of Calgary, Edmonton, Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. has over 35 years’ experience. Our highly trained and licensed technicians are some of the best in the industry. They are able to control the toughest pests in the area, and have experience with the wide variety of pests. For the best value for your dollar, contact JAPCO today!

Pests are annoying and can endanger you, your business, and your family. JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. provides residential and commercial pest control and extermination services to help you relax and enjoy a safe home and work environment. We take pride in helping people in their time of need. A professional company that exceeds your expectations, we will impress you with our abilities. And as a QualityPro certified company, we are dedicated to continually raising the bar of the industry. Learn more about us and our company philosophy – discover the JAPCO difference!

Maintaining the highest standards in health and safety means that we protect you, as well as the environment, with our pest control techniques.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control

JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. provides pest control services for a variety of commercial establishments on a regular basis. Whether you require our services weekly, monthly, or quarterly, we’ve created customized pest management programs for many types of commercial clients in Calgary, Edmonton, Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. including:

Nobody wants to live with unwanted pests in their home. Not only can they destroy your property, but they can also contaminate your food and make you sick. While there are many ways you can protect your home and family, fewer are more critical in the long-term than an effective pest control program. Whether your pest problem involves birds, insects, rodents, or wildlife, JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. offers reliable residential pest control services in Calgary, Edmonton, Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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Saskatchewan Mice

JAPCO has over 25 years experience with Mice problems. Mice in Saskatchewan are not uncommon and can cause a great deal of damage to your property. As the cold air approaches and the temperature drops, the mice population can begin to migrate into your property.

This can cause problems as they start to damage and contaminate your living area or business. The population of the mice can expand rapidly if not dealt with immediately. Contact JAPCO Pest control to find out more on mice or to get an appointment to help deal with your mice problems!


Saskatchewan Bed Bugs

There are bed bugs in Saskatchewan and that can cause problems and loss of sleep. They can be identified as small red-brown insects with an oval shape body. The traditional pest control service for dealing with bed bugs is offered at JAPCO, and an equally effective heat service can be offered as an alternative.

To help keep you comfortable and prevent more bed bugs, you can also get the JAPCO mattress cover to keep bed bugs out of your bed. To help you get back to a quality night sleep, contact JAPCO at 306-242-0193 in Saskatchewan for more information on bed bugs.


Saskatchewan Cockroaches

In Regina and Saskatoon the German cockroach is the most commonly found in infestations. These creatures can cause harm and bring in disease into your home or business. It is not true that they are only found in dirty, unclean areas but it can be a factor since cockroaches like to hide in cracks and crevices.

Are cockroaches causing problems in your property? Call JAPCO at 306-242-0193 today to deal you’re your cockroach problem in Saskatchewan.


Saskatchewan Wasps

In Saskatchewan, wasps can cause problems during warmer months, these pests can be aggressive. A wasp can sting the same victim repeatedly which can be dangerous to those with allergic reactions. If you are not sure whether your problem pest is a wasp, then find more information on our website or call us at 306-242-0193 to find out more information. To get control back in your home or business from the wasp, contact JAPCO Pest control.


Saskatchewan Ants

An Ant infestation in Saskatchewan is not uncommon, and if you see one, there are more nearby. A colony of ants can spread bacteria and contaminate the food in your pantry. If you see ants on your property, or need help identifying those pests, call JAPCO Pest Control in Saskatchewan at 306-242-0193. Here at JAPCO we have over 25 years experience in pest control, contact a professional today!


Saskatchewan Gophers

Gophers can ruin beautiful gardens and lawns by building their underground tunnel systems. If you believe you might have a gopher problem in Saskatchewan call 306-242-0193 to get in contact with a professional to inspect your property. The pest control technician will identify entrance points for the gopher and block those off to prevent a future infestation. JAPCO Pest Control has over 25 years experience in pest control, call us today to help you get rid of gophers in your home or business.


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