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Licensed Pest Control Technicians

JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. has over 35 years of experience serving the pest control needs of Saskatchewan. This is a family owned business with over 35 years of experience in the pest control industry. We are a professional company that strives to exceed your expectations and your needs. As a Quality Pro certified company our goal is to impress you with our abilities. For the best value for your dollar, contact JAPCO today!


Pests are so annoying and can endanger you, your business and your family. JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. has a team of trained and licensed specialists in Saskatchewan to help assist you in your time of need.  JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. provides residential and commercial pest control and extermination services to help you relax and enjoy a safe home and work environment. JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. is topnotch in the pest control industry. JAPCO work’s diligently to impress you with our expertise. We are a QualityPro certified company and we continue to raise the bar in the pest control industry.


We use a variety of pest control techniques to maintain our high standards in regards to health and safety in the pest control industry. For instance, for bed bugs, JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. provides traditional pest control services for bed bugs but also heat treatment. Heat treatment is a good alternative instead of pesticide application for those that require special health considerations. A single heat treatment will kill the entire bed bug infestation as well as their eggs.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control

JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. provides pest control services for homes in the province of Saskatchewan and for a variety of commercial establishments on a regular basis. Whether you require our services weekly, monthly, or quarterly, we have created customized pest management programs; which include bird control, wildlife control, hantavirus cleanup, fly, and bat control.

Nobody wants to live with unwanted pests in their home or business. Not only can they destroy your property, but they can also contaminate your food and make you sick. There are many ways to protect your property and your family from pests. Once pests such as mice become established in your home they are very difficult to control. JAPCO’s reliable, trained and licensed professionals will set up an effective pest control program to protect your home or your business.

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Mice in Saskatchewan

JAPCO has over three decades of experience dealing with mice problems. The common house mouse along with Deer mice are found in Saskatchewan. When the temperature drops it is not uncommon for mice to seek shelter in structures such as business and homes. Mice are known to spread diseases throughout your property. Diseases such as salmonella, Hantavirus and other dangerous bacteria mice are known to carry.

Call JAPCO Pest Control at 306-242-0193 to stop the spread of diseases that are caused by mice and other rodents.


Bed Bugs in Saskatchewan

Bed Bugs can be brought in from many places from Saskatchewan such as clothing or used furniture, they are very difficult to get rid of. You can identify them as flat, little brown or red oval shaped creatures. Bed Bugs lay small, white eggs that are difficult to see, they are nocturnal and feed during the night. JAPCO offers traditional bed bug treatment as well as heat treatment. Heat treatment is a great alternative to those that have health considerations.

JAPCO provides mattress and box spring covers. They do not compromise the comfort of a pillow-top mattress, the covers are waterproof, fire retardant, breathable, and hypoallergenic. They keep the bed bugs out. Call JAPCO at 306-242-0193 in Saskatchewan for more information on bed bugs.


Cockroaches in Saskatchewan

Getting rid of cockroaches has never been easier in Saskatoon and Regina. The German cockroach is the most common in Saskatchewan. They cause harm and bring disease into your home or business by spreading Salmonella. Cockroaches eat almost anything such as leather or books and food. Having a dirty unclean area could be a factor for a cockroach infestation since they like to hide in cracks and crevices.

Let our team of experienced professionals help you, call 306-242-0193 to discover the JAPCO difference!


Wasps in Saskatchewan

Removing a wasp and hornet’s nest is no easy task. The nests start out small at the beginning of the summer season and they can become the size of a basketball. Wasps can become aggressive if they feel threatened, they can sting repeatedly. Repeated stings by a wasp can be fatal.

Let JAPCO remove that wasp or hornet’s nest. Call JAPCO for Saskatoon and Regina wasp control at 306-242-0193.


Ants in Saskatchewan

JAPCO has over three decades of experience in dealing with ant infestations. A colony of ants spread bacteria and contaminate food in your pantry. Only if you see one ant, there are many more nearby hidden underneath the foundation of your house.

Call JAPCO Pest Control at 306-242-0193 in Saskatchewan to get in contact with a professional and find out more information.


Gophers in Saskatchewan

JAPCO’s pest control technicians work by blocking the entrance to the underground tunnel systems that gophers create. Gophers are solitary animals that like to build intricate tunnel systems in the soil. Gophers ruin your lawn and your garden by these unsightly mounds of dirt that they leave behind.

Contact JAPCO in Saskatchewan at 306-242-0193 to get rid of gophers.


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