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Licensed Pest Control Technicians

A family business serving the pest control needs of Calgary, Edmonton, Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. has over 35 years’ experience. Our highly trained and licensed technicians are some of the best in the industry. They are able to control the toughest pests in the area, and have experience with the wide variety of pests. For the best value for your dollar, contact JAPCO today!

Pests are annoying and can endanger you, your business, and your family. JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. provides residential and commercial pest control and extermination services to help you relax and enjoy a safe home and work environment. We take pride in helping people in their time of need. A professional company that exceeds your expectations, we will impress you with our abilities. And as a QualityPro certified company, we are dedicated to continually raising the bar of the industry. Learn more about us and our company philosophy – discover the JAPCO difference!

Maintaining the highest standards in health and safety means that we protect you, as well as the environment, with our pest control techniques.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control

JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. provides pest control services for a variety of commercial establishments on a regular basis. Whether you require our services weekly, monthly, or quarterly, we’ve created customized pest management programs for many types of commercial clients in Calgary, Edmonton, Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan. including:

Nobody wants to live with unwanted pests in their home. Not only can they destroy your property, but they can also contaminate your food and make you sick. While there are many ways you can protect your home and family, fewer are more critical in the long-term than an effective pest control program. Whether your pest problem involves birds, insects, rodents, or wildlife, JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. offers reliable residential pest control services in Calgary, Edmonton, Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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Calgary Mice

JAPCO has over 25 years experience with Mice problems. The mice in Calgary can cause great damage to businesses and homes. Mice and other rodents can spread disease throughout your property. As temperatures drop, this can cause the mice to move inside your structures.

If a rodent problem is left untreated, the mouse population can spread rapidly. Mice can also damage your items by chewing or contamination, or even food poisoning if left unchecked. If you want to stop the spread of mice infestations in your home or business call JAPCO Pest Control at 403-242-2467 for more information on rodent pest control.


Calgary Bed Bugs

Japco offers bed bug extermination services.

Bed bugs in Calgary cause frustrations and can be extremely hard to rid of on your own. These bugs are great and hitchin’ a ride and can be brought in from travel, clothing, or second hand furniture. A bed bug can usually be identified as being red or brown in colour with a flat oval shape. At JAPCO we offer a tradition pest control service for bed bugs and offer heat treatment.

Heat treatment for bed bugs can be a great alternative to the traditional application, especially for those sensitive to pesticides. We also provide mattress and box spring covers that can help keep bed bugs out and keep those that are already inside to succumb to death by starvation. Contact JAPCO at 403-242-2467 for more information.


Calgary Cockroaches

Cockroaches can be a pain to get rid of, let JAPCO deal with it! Cockroaches can be found in any type of building and while its not true that they are only found in dirty areas, it can be a factor that can lead to an infestation. The most common found in Calgary homes in the German Cockroach.

This bug can contaminate food with Salmonella which can also cause other illnesses. JAPCO will bring in the best tools for the job and have over 25 years experience in the pest control business. If you are looking to get rid of cockroaches in Calgary, call JAPCO at 403-242-2467 to get more information.


Calgary Wasps

JAPCO has years of experience in dealing with wasps. These pests are aggressive and can be a problem to deal with. If you are having a hard time identifying the pest in your home or business, the wasp will colonize annually, with reproduction reaching high numbers in late summer. Wasps can sting victims repeatedly which can be fatal for those who have allergic reactions. If you believe you have wasps in your property, please contact JAPCO Pest control at 403-242-2467 in Calgary for more information.


Calgary Ants

If you spot one ant, more than likely, there are more living in the area you can’t see. Ants can contaminate food and spread bacteria. Most ant colonies will enter buildings to forage for food and are usually attracted to sugary foods. If you are noticing ants in your property, call a pest control professional as soon as you can. JAPCO Pest Control has three decades of experience in dealing with ants. Contact us at 403-242-2467 in Calgary to get more information.


Calgary Gophers

The gopher will build underground tunnel systems and can ruin lawns and destroy gardens. If you suspect that you have gophers, the JAPCO team will come and inspect your property, identify, and even repair entrance points to prevent any future infestations. The City of Calgary considers the gopher a pest. Contact JAPCO Pest Control to help get rid of gophers on your property. Call 403-242-2467 to get in contact with a profession Pest control service technician today.


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