John Patton - Exterminator



John Patton’s Pest Control Career began in 1983 in the Metro Toronto area.

He has worked as a Service Technician, Service Manager, District Manager and now President and CEO.

He has sat on many different associations such as Technical Committees, Past President of the Pest Management Association of Alberta, Past Member of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Pest Management Association, Past Member of the Pesticide Advisory Committee for Alberta Environment, and a speaker at the Canadian Pest Management Association conference.

His career in the Pest Control industry has spanned over thirty five years. This has served him well as the President and CEO of JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. The philosophies that he brings to his employees at JAPCO is to have integrity, and deliver excellence in Pest Control services. He has been quoted as saying, “JAPCO is only as good as the service technician who shows up”. Under his leadership these core values are what he models to both the Customer Service Representative that answers the phone, to the Technician that shows up at the door. JAPCO will deliver uncompromising service each and every time.

While many things have changed in the industry over the past 35 years clients still want their pest problems resolved. That’s his promise to his customers. JAPCO Pest Control Ltd. will deliver.

Pest Exterminator



My parents owned a pest control company so you could say that pest control has been in my blood.

I began in the industry working for my parents when I was thirteen years old. Throughout my pest control career, I have held various titles from being an owner and operator, Service technician, Customer Service Representative, Trainer, Account sales, marketing and now Vice President of JAPCO.

I’ve seen many changes in our industry over the years. I remember my first pest control conference I attended and was astonished that there were only three women in attendance. Pest Control at that time was a prominently male dominated industry. Today the conferences are very different and women are of abundance. It has been a privilege for me to listen to the icons of our Industry who are keynote speakers like Dr. Laurel Hansen, commonly referred to as the ant lady.

I am proud of the company that my husband John and I have built today. It has been very exciting building JAPCO from the ground up and expanding into other provinces. From time to time don’t be surprised to see my husband John and I suit up in our JAPCO uniform and partake in a Pest Control services. We are known to go on cleanouts together or show up to a problem account engaging in service alongside with one of our technicians.



Melanie is a key member of the Management team at JAPCO Pest Control.  She was introduced to the Pest Control Industry in 2005 as a Customer Service Representative for a multi-national company.

Melanie was welcomed into the Pest Control Industry and mentored by John and Tina Patton. It was then that she developed the “Bug”, latching on to all the pest knowledge she could. Throughout her career, Melanie has advanced her qualifications including Marketing, Executive Administration, Training, Supply Chain Management, and currently her Leadership role in operations alongside John and Tina Patton. 

Her years of experience have served her well to manage both large and smaller groups of employees to deliver Excellence in Customer Service. After many years of mentorship under John and Tina she is a valued member of the Executive team at JAPCO Pest Control Ltd.

After developing a strong professional bond with John and Tina over the years; I was thrilled to be invited to join this team. I am happy to say I am a Proud representative of JAPCO Pest Control and take pride in our accomplishments.