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Bed bugs are unable to stand extreme temperatures and it kills them. A single treatment kills entire bed bug infestations and all their eggs.

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JAPCO Pest Control Ltd.’s alternative to pesticide applications is our heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs. This is ideal for client’s that have health considerations and are not a candidate for pesticide applications. JAPCO is fully equipped with heat equipment to do high rises up to 21 floors. We maintain safety at all times and for this reason, our heaters are electrical and not propane.

Our heat treatment process forces heat into beds, bedding, mattresses, furniture, electronics, and wall cavities, leaving no place for bed bugs to hide. The benefit of heat treatments is that it kills the egg stage, where chemical applications will not kill the egg stage and a return visit is necessary. Bed bug heat treatments penetrate furniture and crevices and kill bed bugs where they reside.

Preparation is important for success, and you will be given a preparation sheet to follow prior to service. There are items that are heat sensitive that will need to be removed from the structure prior to this treatment.

Our technicians are extremely detail orientated when performing heat treatments. They will inspect the entire premises to ensure no damage can occur and will create records prior to equipment setup.

Equipment is set up, and the heat is applied and is constantly monitored for several hours throughout this service. Temperatures need to be constantly checked to ensure we have reached the desired temperatures to hold the heat. We move furniture and mattresses and adjust heaters and fans to ensure complete heat penetration.

Upon re-entry of your home, there will be no follow-up service and you are completely pest-free without the use of a pesticide.

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