With JAPCO’s experienced team using the best control products available, getting rid of stored product pests and dooryard pests has never been easier. Let us help you rid your home or business of these pests quickly and affordably.

The Dangers of Stored Product Pest Infestations

There are various species of stored product pests that commonly infest and damage food products. Flour beetles, saw-toothed and merchant grain beetles, Mediterranean flour moths, Indian meal moths, rice weevils, and granary weevils are just a few examples of these types of pests. They contaminate food products and a large infestation can develop quite quickly. Calling the pest control professionals from JAPCO as soon as you see any activity at your property is a wise decision. Products that have become infested will need to be discarded and can become quite costly for both a homeowners & business establishment.

The Dangers of Dooryard Pest Infestations

There are various species of dooryard pests that commonly infest and invade homes which include sow bugs and pill bugs, millipedes and centipedes, box elder bugs, root weevils, and many more. Calling JAPCO’s pest control professionals as soon as you see these kinds of pests in your home is important. If the conditions are suitable in your home, these dooryard pests can multiply and build up quite a population in your home. They are found under boards, stones, flower pots, and items on the damp ground. The most effective way to minimize the entry indoors is to minimize moisture and hiding places near the foundation.

The JAPCO team is standing by ready to put their decades of experience to work to help you fight these infestations. Call JAPCO today.

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